A Bit About US

We are a software & services growth accelerator.

I’m Ronnie Michael, founder of Business Built Simple.

I’m a past corporate sales and marketing executive turned serial entrepreneur who saw a gap in the ability for emerging software & services companies to obtain high-level professional services to help generate new sales opportunities and scale their businesses.

So, I decided to fix that.

The missing components are effective Story-Based marketing, consistent traffic to generate opportunities and sales processes that work. We provide consulting and training while implementing these proven systems. In addition, when conditions are right, we will provide the necessary marketing and sales efforts ourselves in an outsourced arrangement.

I have always wanted to be in a position to share in the risk of success with our clients.

So, in either option provided, we are willing to enter into a contingency agreement where we take a majority of our fees on the backend based on our success. I believe a true partnership is far better than any client vendor relationship. 

To merger and acquisition consultants a software & services company doing less than $5m in annual revenue is a miss. To us it’s a great business.

Isn’t it time to Accelerate Your Growth?




Proven Success


We generally recommend starting our program with the engines of a business, marketing, and sales. Our experience shows a minimum 50% increase in new client revenue within the first 3 to 6 months after our Story-Based Marketing plan is fully implemented.


Minimum Revenue Increase

Don't believe us?

Hear it from customers like you who have been through the program.

As a software startup, we were struggling to express and build our brand’s identity. We also needed a strategic partner to guide our company’s growth. Business Built Simple and Ronnie were able to guide us through some practical, thought-provoking exercises that helped us focus on why we developed Acurata in the first place, and how that relates to who we are as a company. 

I highly recommend Business Built Simple and Ronnie for any company, new or established, that needs to take a fresh look at their organization and create a message that really let’s people know who you are and how you can help them. We have begun to see new sales and are implementing the frameworks provided for all the areas of business. We are very bullish about our success! 

Alan McKee
Acurata Hospice Software

Business Built Simple has helped us understand the importance of the right message across the board both internally with our team and externally with our client’s and prospect’s. In a short period of time, we have experienced a significant lift in the number of prospective clients wanting to hear more about how our software solution can help them solve their problems dealing with cybersecurity.

The frameworks and strategies are simple and effective. And Ronnie has been a valuable partner to ReadyCert. I give him my highest recommendation for any company looking to grow their company’s value.

Kurt Unglaub

Ronnie has a unique ability to guide his clients to success. Our company has benefited greatly from his Story-Based Marketing program, our business successfully transitioned from strictly word-of-mouth to a marketing strategy that has generated consistent new sales and new partnership opportunities in new markets.

After implementing the frameworks in our company, I can tell you we would not be where we are without Business Built Simple. Simply stated their systems along with expertise in software and services business works!

Johnathan Hills
Excelling Works, LLC

Ronnie’s guidance has been invaluable to our brand and business. In a few short sessions, we had a cohesive and effective marketing strategy and brand to present that completely changed the face of our business.

We are focusing on one framework at a time and believe strongly we will exceed our goals. I would encourage any business owner struggling to find their story and vision to sit with Ronnie and Business Built Simple – the results will astound you.

Ryan McKee
Netwurx Technology Group